Give Your Green Tea a Face Lift

If anything is ‘grammed more than avocado toast, it has to be Matcha.

1 cup of this super tea is as good as 10 cups of low quality green teas/ 3 cups of high quality green tea. It is highly concentrated with antioxidants which improves heart health and in some cases known to lower blood sugar.
Matcha tea drinkers have a 31% lower risk of heart disease than non matcha tea drinkers.

Although it hasn’t been proven, Matcha is known to increase your metabolic rate helping you burn fat more efficiently. Health and fitness buffs adorn this drink and would choose it over coffee too. The L-Thyanine present can calm your nerves without the instant crash that a coffee buzz can give you.

Don’t forget, weight loss does not happen in isolation; it is not a potion, and to shred pounds you would still have to be active and eat well. Think of it as a catalyst. It can get a little bitter for a lot of people, add some sweetener and milk of your choice and enjoy it!


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