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How far does your food travel to get to your plate? Globalization can change the way we dress, speak, work but when it comes to what we put on our plates- serve your self justice, with ingredients that are fresh and are removed from the soil, commuted, and ready to serve in less from the time of dusk to dawn.

With Masterchef Vicky Ratnani in his element, we are thrilled to finally announce our bid to give new life to clean eating- Hello Green. Farm fresh ingredients, functional gourmet food delivered to your doorstep.

All our farmers have a sheer love for what they do, they left their white color jobs to follow their calling, stay up late just to wake up early, all so we can deliver meals that commute for less than 5 hours.

 Be curious about food you eat

Not just the menu and which meal comes with fries, know your spuds, greens, beans, fruit, honey. Why you may ask, because the long term effects of nation wide commutes your ingredients make to be labeled ‘exotic,’ is filled with preservatives, that add up in the long run before you can do much about it.

Be conscious of its nutrition 

Processed food has significantly less vitamins, omega 3s and more cholesterol and chemicals. Farm fresh vegetables have more phytochemicals (think colorful vegetables), that work towards disease prevention.


Savor the taste 

Monitored to a T, our team makes sure that the fruit of their efforts keep your meals crunchy, filled with flavor and wholesome. It’s important to teach your kids, younger cousins, nieces and nephews the joys of eating good wholesome food. Start ’em young, so they can be their best at an early age.


Hello Green will be available for delivery on August 15th. Stay tuned for details!



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