Foods that Help Ease Menstrual Cramps

Ladies, if there’s one thing we can agree about it’s that nothing tests our tolerance, patience and strength more than our friend’s monthly visits. Apart from seeming like our body is a battle ground for World War III, menstrual cramps can disrupt our everyday lives. Now since it’s something we have to live with, it may be best to accept nature’s way of flipping the bird and find ways to make it as smooth as possible. In addition to exercise, there are certain foods that will calm the pain sensation, that are more than worth a try..

Here’s the roundup:



Good old H2O, many women tend to forget that their bodies are loosing fluid. Unlike cola and coffee that increase cramping, water is pure and helps make up for the fluid losses.


Green tea

Green tea is a good source of antioxidants and fights against free radicals. Consuming 2-3 cups daily is recommended. Cuddle up with a cuppa and your favorite book or show when the going gets tough.



It has been used in traditional medicine for reducing inflammation. A study published in the journal of alternative and complementary medicine 2009 stated that adding 1 gram of ginger powder to the diets of women during first three days of menstrual cycle reduced the pain just as well as ibuprofen. Ginger can be incorporated in fruit and vegetable smoothies or into a stir fry.



It contains organosulfur compounds which exhibit anti-inflammatory properties. You can make a drink with a glass of warm milk and raw garlic paste. You can also chew up two cloves of raw garlic in the morning- this may be the one time people will give you a pass for garlic breath too!



Beauty masks, tasty daal, acne cure, tooth whitener- is there anything this godsend of a spice cannot do? It is said to have the same effect as pain relievers without giving any side effects. Simmer it with some milk for a quick beverage.


Sunflower seeds

They are loaded with vitamin E, zinc and magnesium that help in reducing muscle tension. You can sprinkle ground seeds on your salad or cereal.




Also known as bishops weed, is an excellent nerve tonic. The oil extracted for this weed works wonders on pesky cramps.


Flax seeds

These seeds are known to be a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids that has a strong anti-inflammatory effect in the body. The seeds can be added to beverages or sprinkled over cooked foods as well as yogurt.



It is a rich source of vitamin B6 which is an anti-cramping nutrient. Additionally bananas contain potassium which helps reduce water retention caused during menstruation.

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