Foods that Help Lower your Cholesterol

Whittle down your cholesterol and keep your heart healthy with these cholesterol busting superfoods.

Soybeans: Studies show that those who consume soya or soy products can lower their cholesterol by around six per cent. This is because these beans are  naturally low in saturated fat. Soy also contains certain proteins which enables the body to regulate cholesterol.

Unsalted nuts: Research shows that those who consume unsalted nuts on a regular basis can lower their cholesterol levels by about five per cent. Nuts are also high in protein, fibre, vitamin E, potassium, magnesium and plant sterols, all of which contribute to reducing cholesterol levels. 

Oats: Contain a soluble fibre known as beta glucan, which when ingested forms a gel like substance, which binds the bad cholesterol in the intestines, thereby preventing it from being absorbed by the body. 

Fruits and vegetables: Those who eat more than six or more servings of fruits and vegetables can lower their cholesterol levels naturally. This is because all fruits and vegetables are low in saturated fat and contain cholesterol lowering soluble fibres.

Unsaturated fats: It is important to add foods rich in unsaturated fats such as olive, sunflower, corn, rapeseed and  nut and seed oils.  Other foods rich in unsaturated fats are avocado and oily fish. So, if you want to lower your bad cholesterol, eat more of these foods.

Tea: While most studies show that tea contains cancer-fighting antioxidants, new research shows that both black and green teas can lower LDL cholesterol levels by about ten per cent.

REVOFIT TAKE: If you want to take good care of your ticker you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle. It is also important to remember that diet does play a vital role in lowering cholesterol bad cholesterol. So, make these foods part of your diet along with exercise and stay away from junk and sugary foods and you will notice a significant difference in your cholesterol levels.

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