Father’s Day Workout with Dad

Like all holidays dedicated to family members, love, hugs and affection is no stranger to everyday life. That being said, in an ode to celebrate the men in our lives who made sure we stayed healthy when they could have been under the weather, or who taught us to see that failure is only success waiting to happen.

If a workout is a given part of your routine, what better way to spend some of the quality time you have with dad then to workout! Check out this partner workout that is fun and works up a sweat:

To make things easy, exercises are assigned to partner A and partner B

A- 25 Push ups
B- Plank hold until the time A finishes
Alternate and repeat

A- 25 Squats
B- Squat hold till A finishes
Alternate and repeat

A- 15 Burpees
B- Waiter’s walk (stand upright with weights in either hand) till A finishes
Alternate and repeat
A- 15 Sit-Ups
B- Hollow rock hold till A finishes
Alternate and repeat

For fathers near or far, the ones who couldn’t be here still, expecting fathers and father figures- Happy Father’s Day!



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