Fat-burning exercises which can be done with or without weights

There are some exercises which can be performed with weights or without weights. If you are new to weight lifting, it is best to simply start out with your body weight and once you build more stamina, you can add weights to your routine. Here is a list of some of favourite exercises which can be done with or without weights.

Lunges: Are a great exercise to tone your legs and lower body because they specifically target the lower body.  Once you’re more comfortable doing lunges, you can perform bicep curls with walking lunges . Some studies show that it is best to perform 3 sets of 18 reps on each leg,  two days per week to get the toned, sculpted look.

Squats: Work on the muscles in your lower body, especially the glutes. You can do this with or without weights. But, if you add weights, you can  increase the resistance, thereby forcing the muscles to work harder.

Push-ups: If you begin using dumbbells while doing push-ups, you will notice that this takes the pressure off your wrists and is a great way to amplify the intensity. But only add dumbbells to your routine, once you’ve mastered the push-up.

Side-plank: Is a great exercise to work the core muscles and this exercise can be performed with or without weights. It depends on your fitness level. But if you do add weights to this exercise, you will notice that both the obliques and abdominal area will get more toned.

Arm circles: Are the perfect exercise, which targets the upper body and gives you toned arms. A good way to feel the burn and increase the intensity would be to add wrist weights.

REVOFIT TAKE: Studies show that strength training not only improves your ability to perform daily activities, but also improves bone density, promotes fat-free body mass and lean muscle mass. It also strengthens connective tissue, muscles, and tendons. 


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