Exercise for Diabetes Prevention

I would love to start of by wishing you a happy Diabetes day, but forgive my pun, there’s nothing sweet about the current state of affairs among Indians and those worldwide. In addition to a genetic predisposition, sedentary lifestyles spent in front of a tablet and easy access to unhealthy food has allowed diabetes to reach a far younger age group than affected. What we do in our 20’s is said to be very evident in our 30’s, and so on, so today and every day, we should spread awareness, so people can take preventive measures and live more quality lives..

Prediabetes is the state of healthy and prone population to Type 2 Diabetes. Diet control and mindful eating would be the first overt route taken in prevention, but what can also help to a great degree is, you guessed it- exercise!

The American College of Sports Medicine and American Diabetes Association seriously suggests a total of 210 minutes of moderate intensity workout or 125 minutes of vigorous exercise a week in order to keep diabetes at bay. What’s scary is that there is no one who is not at risk of diabetes and lifestyle has everything to do with keep your risk low. Here are a few things that are important to keep in mind..

1. Aerobic activity increases calorie expenditure and improves cardio-respiratory fitness

2. Resistance and weight training will increase insulin sensitivity because muscle mass burns sugars

3. Aerobic activity + Resistance training will have added effects of glycaemic control because of the muscle mass while exercising

Here’s the in a nutshell version too- When you consume sugar (refined grains, alcohol etc.), your body’s beta cells produce insulin carry the blood sugar to different cells. In the presence of fat your beta cells cannot work, and insulin cannot be pumped. Thereby making exercise one of the key components of prevention.

So if you have too much of your cake, you wouldn’t be able to eat even a slice. If you exercise regularly without a 2 day break in between, you can have your cake and eat a sliver of it too- now that is living!

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