End Your War on Carbs

The complex ones i.e.; it’s high time we roll out of this rock that we have resided under if carbs are avoided like the plague. Being ignorant in this digital world of information will come at a heavy price; for one, you will wonder if butter is really a carb, and secondly, your gut will not be functioning at its best.

Let’s make sexism, denial of climate change, rudeness, bad playlists and fear of carbs a mere relic of history.

Disclaimer: High Protein Low Carb diets like the Keto diet take major lifestyle changes to work, especially in countries where grains are staple. The exclusive function that carbs serve are to act as fuel, using fat as fuel is not as efficient and is not for every animal. This is not to put other macros down…

This is so your blood pressure does not rise when you’re dining out and you consume carbs, this is for when social obligations don’t allow you to say no to that extra serving of sweet potato mash. It is not that serious.

Your gut will most definitely agree, for the simple reason that it prefers complex carbs over any macro to remain in top form. And you’re partner or coworker will also agree, because that no-carb diet is making you hangry and tired all the time.

Now for the devil- simple carbs.

A pizza, burger anything white is a dance with the devil you cannot afford to indulge in. The refined nature of these grains will spike your blood sugar, trick your sense of satiation and lead to weight gain, diabetes and the like.

Keep your grains whole, your gut happy, your body moving and your mind #woke.



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