How to go from Zero to Hero Real Quick

Tired. Lazy. Regret. Guilt. Looking for f*&! to give.

Arguably, the official #mood post long weekend. After being good from Monday through Friday, we dropped the towel and went 100 to 0, real quick. Here’s a couple do’s and don’ts before you jump into the ditch you just dug yourself.

Don’t– Starve. Please don’t starve. Your body loves you, and it wants to protect you. If you deny it food, the next meal you eat will be preserved longer (read: your body metabolism will go to 1st gear in bumper to bumper traffic).

Do– Eat protein and fiber in sizable amounts. You are what you eat and you cannot put a price on feeling like a detoxifying leafy, fruity, happy soul.


Don’t– Do not talk down to yourself. Do not ponder over your guilt. Hateful speech is pathological; it makes you forget that all of mankind makes mistakes- especially on long weekends. Chill out.

Do– Tell yourself you are still nothing short of amazing.

As weird and corny as it may be to do, it is one of the columns of radical self love.


Don’t– Couch surfing may cater to your holiday postpartum, but it will accelerate a vicious cycle and make you feel worse. If conducting business in the bathroom is difficult, you’re not helping your cause either by being immobile.

Do– If you’re not queasy, go back to your workout regime. Engaging in some form of exercise is at the epicenter of feeling better. Even a walk/slow jog will put your blood sugar back in check. However, if you find yourself burping, HIIT at a small risk of throwing up.


Don’t– Drinking copious amounts of coffee to help plaster a smile, will dehydrate you- especially if you had a few too many spiked beverages. If it’s your only pick-me-up, chase your espresso shot with a whole lot of water.

Do– Choose a 15 minute walk over coffee. Moving around will help inner movement a lot faster and smoothly. Here are the receipts, if your coffee bubble is stubborn.

The 10 commandments of bouncing back from your momentary loss of discipline:

  1. Continue practicing radical self love
  2. Drink more water and then some
  3. Salads, fruit, quinoa– are some of your best friends
  4. Shake it, move it, twerk it, bend it- any kind of exercise will help
  5. Reflect- introspection on why you binged (stressed/sad/angry) may help not doing it again
  6. Plan how you will check out on all your macros for the next week
  7. Get your shut eye. It’s important to get back into the swing of things, so tire your body with some good exercise and go to bed to recharge your battery.
  8. If a whiff of pizza will derail you from the path of wholesomeness, don’t be around it. Saying no to plans is okay.
  9. Remember that living right is a measure of self-care
  10. Your body is a sacred place not a college frat house- respect it.




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