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Rome wasn’t built overnight, even a matter of a few months is a stretch. Aamir Khan however, managed to defy the challenges that come with age and dropped 13kgs in one month. Of course, as an actor, the hours dedicated to fitting the bill are extensive making it necessary to have tunnel vision to reach your goals. And because not everyone’s destiny lies in the big screen, we’re allowed to commit to transformation whilst maintaining our daily regime.

So, if you’re a bit confused about the transformation and why it was such a big deal, here are the facts. Aamir playing the role of a wrestler in the movie Dangal had to sport two very different body types to depict an older and younger version of his role. He gained 30kgs to play the older version and had to lose 25 of those for the younger version of his role.

For those who want to adapt his training to your weight loss goals, here are a few vital take backs from the man himself;

1. Rest. Rest. Rest. And then some more
Aamir attributed 20% of his transformation to getting 8-10 hours of shut eye. Sleep is not only for the dead, but for those who want to see massive change. Being sleep deprived slows down your metabolism and stores fat while also stimulating hunger.

2. Always on the move
While training state side in Arizona, Aamir went on a daily 8 mile morning walk, played tennis and engaged in sport, so he want constantly moving. Isolating his gym sessions did not cut it, so adding sport maintained a high calorie burn without seeming monotonous and overly exhausting.

3. Lift heavy everyday
Donning the physique of an athlete, let alone a wrestle,r would mean lifting weights everyday. More muscle, lets fat. He dedicated a day of the week to sculpting a major body part which helped trim the fat in a major way as well. Muscle tissues burn fat after your workout, thereby contributing to a higher metabolism.

4. Kill your workouts not animals
The actor in his usual methodical ways became a vegan to walk a mile in the shoes of the vegetarian wrestler he portrayed. This is not something that can blindly be adopted, but losing 13kgs in a month while eating a plant-based diet speaks volumes of it’s benefits.

It’s imperative to remember that his rapid weight loss was demanded because of time constraints and call it an occupational hazard if you must, but lifestyle changes should be made with the intentions of being life-long and trying to accomplish a herculean feat like this could even be unhealthy.

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