Damage Control Workout Routine

Who else is out here regretting bad food decisions? I thought I earned it, went overboard, and now feel like a definite potato. It started with a pizza, moved on to a bean burger (you know I didn’t swap fries for salad), concluded with birthday cake and now I have a food baby. Good thing I know it’s nothing clean eating and a brutal workout cannot fix.

If your schedule is catching up to you and gym time is not a question, grab a mat, towel and bottle, because the only thing in the books for today is damage control.

Before anything let’s start with dynamic stretches… Alternate toe touches, lateral and linear leg swings, hip rotations, foot rotations, shoulder swings- the whole nine yards.

1) First on the menu- Air Skips. No rope? No problem. Use a make believe one and jump for 30 seconds. 

2) Next, you guessed it- Burpees x 10 

3) Jump Squats x 10

4) Walk outs to Push ups x 10. Hey, don’t do the crime if the time isn’t worth it

5) Tuck Jump Squats x 10. Hate me now, love me later

6) Tricep Dips x 10. Hold on soldier, we’re almost there

Depending on level on indulgence…

It was only a sliver…- 2 rounds

Only my second dinner was bad, I promise!- 3 rounds

You are what you eat, and now I am a buffet of fried food- 5 rounds





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