Cool Down with the Revofit Team’s Favorite Juices

In the thick of the Summer and bad moods caused by the heat, we don’t realize just how thirsty we really are. While we overdose on Vitamin D and patiently wait before the monsoons (before we complain about them too), let’s focus on keeping our body hydrated and mind a little cooler. We scoped out a few of our favorite places in the city to see how well they matched our palates, and we got the whole team’s favorite juice for different moods below…

Sequel Bistro & Juice Bar

If the weather got you down, and it shows on your skin, maybe all you need is a little glow with some help from The Unbeetable Glow. The Vitamin A shows almost as soon as you’re done chugging it- and it is delicious!

(organic baby beets ⋅ organic lemongrass ⋅ organic sweet basil ⋅ apple ⋅ orange)

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If you can only eat veggies when they are smashed into ketchup, try Eat Your Greens. You know you need to meet your quota, so may as well do it with a juice that you can drink to wash down your meat. Let it be known that this is not one of those juices that feel like a punishment to even sip on, the balance of flavors will make you forget there’s a handful of kale in your gulp.

(organic baby kale ⋅ organic pineapple ⋅ organic chocolate mint ⋅ green apple)
If you are sweet with a dash of spice (your palate), try Kickstart. Operative word here is dash…

(apple ⋅ organic carrot ⋅ organic wheatgrass ⋅ big dose of organic ginger)

The Yoga House

If you always need a “detox juice,” try The Pure. Detoxing is not my favorite activity for a number of reason, that may be precisely why this drink works, you will not remember that you’re detoxing, it tastes real, real good.

(lemongrass ⋅ cardamom ⋅ pepper ⋅ lime)

If stick your pinky out while holding a cup, try The Trendy. Healthy & Boujee. This drink knows how to take a joke all while being super refreshing with it’s minty tones to balance out the sweetness.

(ginger ⋅ orange ⋅ mint ⋅ carrot)

212 All Good

If you need things to move a little faster…The Green Cleanse.Even if you’re not a huge fan of the taste, as suggested- it will get you moving! So please, please, please put down the teas that promise slimming down- when there’s mother nature to take care of it!

(celery ⋅ banana ⋅ dates ⋅ moringa ⋅ coconut water ⋅ wheatgrass ⋅ lime)

If you are all spice with a dash of sweet, the Protein Palate is made for you. It’s a good nose, eyes clearing kind of spice from the goodness of ginger. When you’re done wiping your tears- the after taste and nutrition will keep you coming for more.

(celery ⋅  kale ⋅  tomato ⋅  lemon ⋅  red bell pepper ⋅  garlic ⋅  cayenne pepper ⋅  cherries)

Cool & Digest with the heat outside and in your gut, this juice is redemption for all the refined bread, sugar and cocktails.

(banana ⋅ romaine ⋅ mint ⋅ aloe vera)


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