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This maybe the last cry to people who think cutting carbs is your way to a smaller jeans size. So, before you ask if butter is a carb, let’s break down the attack on this macronutrient. No two people would require the same amount of nutrients and calories, that’s why we tailor our intake in accordance to our individual needs. Instead of cutting out entire food groups, it would deem you well to just consume them better.

This doesn’t mean you can grab every potato in sight; more so, be aware of your lifestyle and match it with your intake. If you live a sedentary lifestyle, your complex carbs (bran, cereal etc.) will be better received with protein in the night time. They will be assimilated slower and won’t do drastic numbers on your sugar levels. The presence of complex carbs on your dinner plate would also prevent muscle tissue breakdown to feed levels of glycogen in times of fasting (whilst asleep). Simple carbs, especially without protein is a no-no, because it will heighten your glucose levels and save the excess as fat.

This conscious planning is coined as cycling, and when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.

Don’t count your calories, make your calories count

And timing is a major factor in this act of cycling. Now, if you live a moderately active lifestyle and workout with zeal, know that cutting out carbs will do you absolutely no good. We will save our words on fad diets for another day, but as simple as put- if you train, workout, lift, run- cutting out carbs will increase your cortisol levels, play games with your hormones (his & hers) and will just leave you feeling tired. Your glucose levels will drop and it will only be a matter of time where your energy levels are reflected in performance.

Optimizing carbohydrate intake would mean eating them for breakfast to restore your glucose levels, eat the right ones (read: whole grains) at lunch time to keep you full and satiated and eat your veggies for dinner (your mom was right), with protein like lean meat or pulses to sustain levels while you’re asleep.

If you like nutshell versions, cutting out carbs won’t help you lose weight, especially if you are actively training towards the same goal. Eating the right ones at the right time will help.

If you’re experimenting with your diet by cutting out carbs expect this one thing too…

“If you deny your body carbohydrates, you will start craving sugary foods.”

-Shonali Sabherwal

Straight from the horse’s mouth and the lady responsible for some of Bollywood’s most finest bodies.




Hazel Pereira

Health Coach

About me: Qualified Nutritionist with 4 years of experience in the field of patient care at hospitals and weight management clinic. In a new role to help people develop healthier eating and lifestyle pattern.

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