A majority of people do ab exercises to burn belly fat. It is impossible to loose weight from one part ( spot ) of the body by exercising and concentration on that spot. Spot reduction is a misconception. What spot training does is that it strengthens and grows those particular targeted muscles along with making you feel the burn. Several studies reveal that one cannot get rid of stomach fat with spot reduction exercises and this not only applies to your abs but to all parts of your body. 

Full body exercises done regularly will boost one’s metabolism and will help in burning calories and fat. Cardio is said to be the most effective in burning belly fat. Also the intensity at which you exercise has a huge role to play when it comes to burning fat. One will loose more belly fat with moderate to high intensity workout routines as opposed to low intensity training and strength training.

One must workout regularly to loose belly fat. It is recommended to do moderate intensity cardio for 30 mins, 5 days a week or high intensity cardio for 20 mins, thrice a week. Building muscle helps as more muscle helps one burn more fat.

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