Blast Calories not Crackers- Post Diwali Workout

Bring in the New Year on a healthy foot- and bust your calories with this workout.

Don’t be frightened by the numbers on the scale; if you ate a few extra samosas, salty good or anything baked- chances are you feel bloated and most likely feel heavier. The easiest thing you can do here is drink more water and get sweating.

Prioritize your health and ease your discomfort with healthy habits, you will feel better in no time. And there’s no one who ever complained about a little endorphin boost.

Warm up well with dynamic stretches

Do this routine as fast as you can and take only the given time to rest and recover;

3 Rounds

10 Burpees

10 Push Ups (Modified version- push up on knees or against a wall)

Source image

10 Leg Raises
[optimize output image]

Rest for 2 minutes 

3 Rounds

10 Mountain Climbers

[optimize output image]

30 seconds V-Sit Pulse

[optimize output image]

10 Broad Jumps

[optimize output image]

10 Plank with Knee to Elbow

[optimize output image]

Static Stretches

Grab your towel, ditch the excuses and get moving!
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