“Hi, My Name is ___ and I am a Coffee Addict” said Every Coffee Drinker

Ask yourself; do you run on coffee or does it run you? 
It’s a healthy beverage so as long as you do not depend on it for energy and productivity. Because in turn it can do a little number on your stress hormones; and when added with cream and sugar is a diabetic nightmare. And even if you do drink it in moderation, a break from this morning elixir is known to be beneficial. For one, when you revisit your coffee pot it will be a stronger pick-me-up, and who doesn’t want to be flung out of bed in just one shot!

But don’t leave your cup empty, because these alternatives can help you just as well.

1. Chai

Yes, it wakes you up gets you moving, stick your pinky out while you drink it. It stimulates your digestive system and add a little cinnamon to help with fogginess.

2. Matcha Green Tea

Only the most featured picture on every social media feed, there had to be a reason it is in the spotlight. The caffeine in it wakes you up and doesn’t leave you with a jittery feeling of restlessness all because of l-thyanine.

Hot Cacao

Not to be confused with hot chocolate; this superfood drink is filled with antioxidants and minerals to wake your mind up.

4. Green Smoothie

This is not hard to back up, sprinkle chia seeds and add in a scoop of protein for energy and wakefulness that is long lasting and nutritious.

5. Coconut Water

Hydrate. Feel great. Need we say more?

6. Water with lemon

Hot water with lemon wakes up your metabolism, digestive system and is a great habit to have as soon as you rise.




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