Beauty, Brawn and Asanas #HerZen

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Beauty, Brawn and Asanas #HerZen
Variation of The Bow Pose

Bow on a Beau

Beauty, Brawn and Asanas #HerZen


Beauty, Brawn and Asanas #HerZen
Salabhasana/The Locust Pose

Yoga Everywhere

Beauty, Brawn and Asanas #HerZen
The Tribute to Sage/Eka Pada Koundinyasana I

Make something extremely hard look easy.

Beauty, Brawn and Asanas #HerZen
Eka Pada Dhanurasana

Challenge accepted.

Beauty, Brawn and Asanas #HerZen
Dhanurasana/The Bow Pose


Beauty, Brawn and Asanas #HerZen
Urdhva Hastasana/Standing Up Arms Pose

What good energy looks like.

 Yogaporn-asana via Alyssa Chesson… (scroll through)

For those devoted to disciplines that demand cardio and vigour, understanding the sheer power of Yoga requires nothing but a look at some of the most truly amazing success stories people have. Today, we caught up with Alyssa Chesson to learn about how she moves her molds her body in the most gracious and maintains her fit, strong body. To pay homage to this wonderful flow of transience and personal progress, we look at the confectioner for insight, inspiration and the most instagrammable pictures.

“Yoga has always been a source of relaxation, of truly engaging my mind body and feeling the flow of energy. It helped me tone up my body and also work muscles that a gym cannot help you work. I always feel energized and renewed after a good Yoga session.”

As a Hatha yogi, the focus on core engagement has helped build a tremendous amount of strength; because as we know, we can do all the H.I.I.T/Crossfit/Bicep curls we want, we are only as strong as our core.

With the multiple styles of Yoga that come with some very strong beliefs, it is important to not forget the takeaway and get caught up in the right and wrong of preaching it. The takeaway is that whichever form you choose to be captured by, if there is personal growth, all else is superfluous.

If Alyssa could embody an asana it would be dhanurasana the Bow Pose. This would help open your hip flexors, chest and shoulder that tightens up in the perils of occupation hazards like sitting at your desk for hours. The bow pose also stretches out your organs and facilitates digestion, all while strengthening and conditioning your core and arm muscles.

Another favorite pose is chakrasana, which is the Wheel Pose, and stretches your heart, thereby encouraging it to ignite love from within. Chakrasana stretches almost every muscle in your body and stimulates your thyroid and pituitary glands and gives you energy while decreasing signs of depression.

And of course, the proof of the pudding…is in the poses. Being this conscious of engaging and utilising core strength takes practice and a lot of discipline; the perfection will have you floored!

Point is- start somewhere. Seeing the awareness, peace and oneness that is often raved and revered to be a fruit of the practice; all while knowing it can benefit any routine you may currently have- there’s nothing to lose but belly fat, stress, depression and bad digestion.



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