A Month of Healthy Habits for Your New Year’s Resolution and Beyond

If walking up a few flight of stairs is leaving you breathless and with a back ache, and you’re under 45, then maybe a little more activity incorporated into your daily activities could help. If you don’t exercise at all, this single hack with the help of a smartphone could help you make monumental change.

Take your one hour at work and use it to walk as opposed to enjoy a buffet of unhealthy food. It’s recommended to walk a total of 8000 steps, take it upon as a personal challenge and do that for 14 days. It would be guaranteed to turn into a domino effect of good habits that will all add up to a healthy lifestyle.
If you have a lunch meeting then skip the desk and take a few laps around your building. Use our Walk + Run feature if you need a little boost and clock in your calories to see your sweat equity.
Why it works
The office is one place you can’t avoid and when you see how it relieves your joints while clocking in steps- you’d enjoy it.


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