7 Ways to Rev Your Fitness Up #MoveRight

Were more than halfway through the month and I’ll give you a moment to remember all those false resolutions that were made for 2k17. Humor aside, you always have time to make it the rest of your year, month and most of all- your life! If your fitness routine isn’t working or you’re on the verge of dropping the towel, then go through this checklist, because you don’t want it to be holiday time and show up the same with the same “resolutions.” Be motivated, be excited, scared- whatever you may feel, just do not feel comfortable. Let’s go through this list…

1. Small goals

If you can do a push-up with good form that’s great, but how many can you do in a minute? Take note of this number so you can keep working hard to increase it. Do the same for…

-Number of good traveling lunges

-Sit Ups

-Most amount of weight you have pushed

-Number of seconds you can hold a good squat hold (against wall works too)

-Number of pull-ups or assisted pull ups you can do

-Time taken to complete 1km

2. Not happy-switch it up!

Einstein said (paraphrased), if you do the same thing over and over, and you’re unhappy with the results, change how you do it. If you run on the treadmill or track, do sprints (challenging ones) every 10 minutes. If you prefer the stationary bike, hop of it and do jumping jacks in the same fashion.

3. If you can hold a conversation while working out…

It’s time to rev it up. Going for a nice walk/jog is great and should be a staple, but if you’re done with your workout and you don’t have your sweat receipt and discussed the plot of Inception at the gym- you didn’t challenge yourself. If it’s chest day and you’re in between workouts, superset them or do burpees, skipping, rowing- anything really. If you’re shredding and have a problem area, make your routine faster and chaotic with breaks when only truly needed- that’s the seed of accomplishment setting in.

4. No scrolling

If you’re scrolling through your phone during a workout, you are not respecting the time you commit to it. Social media is hazardous, distracting and just not needed for when you exercise. The only thing that will make gains is your finger.

5. Nutrition

Exercise is nothing without fueling and rewarding your body with nutrients. Pack as much as natural protein in, and needless to say, if you find yourself on the wrong app ordering pizza- don’t ask where your beach body is, you know the answer already.

6. Lemon water

It essentially has become second nature for millions of people to guzzle lukewarm water as soon as they wake up. Lemon makes it refreshing and its scent is known to be a mood lifter; and the warm water with helps clear out any bacteria in your digestive tract. It is minimal- so there is no harm in trying something that makes you feel less bloated.

7. Targeting gains in body parts is easier than targeting fats

Overall body strength is rudimentary, but when it comes down to aesthetic, if you want something particular, targeting that muscle-consistently and rationally can make your booty/biceps/calves pop with effort and patience.



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