7 Ways to Eat Smart on V-Day Dinner Dates

Valentines Day is almost here, and for the sake of tradition, and Hallmark- a lot of us celebrate it with dinner, chocolates, wine and I need not mention the dessert after dessert…


You probably cannot understand why you would have to count calories on this special day; and it’s not so much about a calorie budget, but about how you feel when and after you eat certain foods. If you’re on a date, I’m going to take a wild guess and say you don’t want to feel bloated, spend too much time in the rest room or just have a shirt button pop/tight dress feel like your second layer of skin.

So whether you’re going out or staying in and chef-ing it up for your boo, follow a few simple guidelines for a healthier, happier V-day dinner.

1. Don’t make a box of chocolates a meal

Eat one for good measure and put the box away. If you want to be really cautious, put the box away and serve it to guests.

2. Remember the preparation hierarchy

Steamed > Grilled > Stir-Fry > Baked > Braised > Fried

3. Be as picky as you were when you chose your beau

Customize your dish to use healthier ingredients, or simply remove elements that you will leave you feeling too full. If you want a burger, try it without the buns, or try to take one out at least. Always ask about whole grain substitutes- because gluten could do a number on your stomach.

4. Tapas

It’s the best way to get a bit of variety on your dining table and it’s a good way to control portions- especially because you’d be sharing them. If your palate profiles are like chalk and cheese, order your meals in courses and just eat a bit of it and save the rest for the next day.

5. Avoid soda

Apart from the dangerous amount of sugar, you may not want to feel to gassy. Even if you and your date are past that stage of discomfort- soda can easily be substituted with club sodas with lemon and lime, wine, tonic water, unsweetened iced tea (not from Long Island) or a Hot Toddy.

6. Leave dessert to a bite

If you eat enough fibre and protein throughout your courses, chances are you don’t have an appetite for dessert. If you can skip it completely- there’s nothing better,; if you must, eat a bite of it and ask your server to take it away.

7. Do not, do not, do not overeat

Chances of acidity and acid reflux will most definitely ruin date night. Keep that in mind before you order and stop eating when your getting full, not after.


Trupti Jadhav

Health Coach

Initiated dietary assistance services for clients and implemented numerous successful diet plans and enhanced overall client’s satisfaction level by 100%.

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