7 Habits Healthy People Have #MondayMotivation

I’m not talking about the 1% of fanatics, gym rats or people who live on salad. These are across the board people who are in it for the long run and know that healthy living was never a quick fix, or for the Instagram likes; I speak about the disciplined lot that will put few things in front of their health. They probably do binge, party and alike as much as the next person- after all, they’re still human. Here’s a few habits you can incorporate to live better and be more disciplined

1. They start their day early

I don’t mean they jump out of bed with a big smile on their face, but they value their mornings and take that time to feel zen-like. Early starts also demand earlier nights- so they’re not short changing themselves on shut eye.

2. Their routine never goes on holiday

Whether their traveling for business or pleasure, unless their schedule really does not allow for it, they will make some time for a quick workout. As far as diet is concerned, they will eat what they will indulge in moderation. Which is easier for them because they don’t follow fad diets.

3. They prioritize stress management

For many working out is therapeutic and stress relieving. They may have a stress ball at an arms reach too, but they do what works for them to be as stress free as possible. This is really not to state the obvious, and you may have to force the habit at first before you can completely adopt it, but it works. Listen to your favorite playlist, switching off social media for a bit- whatever it is. Mental sanity > anything

4. They are their only competition

Not to say a competitiveness is bad, low key, we all want to one up the person to the left. But at large, they just want to get better for themselves. They don’t compare their bodies or diets with other people because they are very aware of what will work for them and only them. This is important in and is without a doubt a step to happier you.

5. They trust the process and do the victory dance

Patience is mind numbingly important. Short term wins are extremely gratifying and they help to put the bigger picture into perspective. They don’t obsess over the results as much as they obsess over the routines, and processes. This practice could take a second to simmer, but your journey will be a lot more seamless and second nature.

6. They are mindful eaters

A calorie budget, that is. They want to fit a whole pizza into their mouth daily as much as the next person. But they monitor their cheat days and balance them out with their good habits. A good start to adopt this is to have strict discipline over the weekdays, and let your hair down only on the weekends.

7. They eat as naturally as possible

You will always see a rainbow on their plate, because they know the importance of eating fruits and veggies. Clean eating would also mean cutting out sodas and processed foods. They are an absolute waste of calories and are carcinogenic.


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