7 Easy Rules you Can Start Following Now

Whacking the weeds through health, nutrition and wellness information can be quite a task. And since many gurus can be one trick ponies in their own rights, we put together a cohesive list of thumb rules you can pick and choose from to make eating healthy easy for you.

1. Add protein to every meal

Depending on your lifestyle and athleticism, protein as a significant macro nutrient will help keep you full for longer hours, repair muscle and keep a tab on your blood sugar. The Atkins and Keto diet can be tailored to be made adaptable and easy for you.

We can customize one for you’d like.

2. K.I.S.S

Diets are supposed to be easy. Choose eating patterns that are at your disposal and if you’re eating clean 80% of the time, you can give yourself a tap on the back with some pizza or pasta.

3. Late night munching

Brush your teeth and distract yourself when the urges kick in, prolonging for the next day will allow you to rethink your decision and/or burn calories to earn your cheat meal.

3. Salad with every meal

Eating greens with every meal will cut down room for pasta and pizza. Your gut loves salad and all the fiber that comes with, and as we know, a happy gut is a happier you.

4. Plan your meals when you going to be out and about

Carrying a small bag of nuts really comes in handy when your stomach feels like a cannibal. A bowl of mixed fruit and a smoothie will also do just as much justice- so prepare for hunger pangs before you head out.

5. Work on your fitness

Whole body, compound movements with weights lead to maximum calorie burn after workout, which helps with your metabolism and strength.

6. Focus on wellness as a journey, not weight loss as a destination

When you stop obsessing over numbers and appreciate as well as trust the process, take care of your mental health and become stronger-overall, you will learn that wellness is a far better feeling to maintain. And soon, you will see that weight loss is a product of it.

7. If you eat it, write it down

Making a note of what you eat makes you more mindful about what you put on your plate and helps you reflect on your diet so you know where to make changes. Too new school for a journal? Download the app for seamless journal entry.


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