6 Ways Your Brain Tricks You Into Over Eating

A lot of people if not everyone get carried away and end up eating way more than they should chew in one sitting. But if you feel too full and tired after every meal or worse, feel hungry right after a meal that is larger than most- watch out for these things that could be tricking you into eating more.

Size doesn’t matter, but when it comes to your plate it does

When you eat your meals using smaller plates, your quantities decrease and even if you get a second helping, it’s a smaller amount of food that your’re eating. It also helps if the color of your plate is a contrasts the color of your food, because when it camouflages your brain gets tricked into eating more portions. It’s a highly subliminal cue but try it- you have nothing to lose.

Snacks; hide them and keep them out of sight 

If you are more likely to see your granola, crackers or crisps, every time you pass by them your brain registers them, therefore leaving you more vulnerable to shoving a dozen cookies down your throat. The best thing to do is not have unhealthy snacks and putting the ones you do have away into your pantry. Don’t make it easy for yourself to give into temptation.

Netflix and chill binge

Your parents were onto something when they chided you for eating while sitting in front of the t.v. When you’re distracting or engaged in a marathon of Game of Thrones, it’s hard to see how one serving of zoodles became 4, and how a couple slices of pizza became a box and a stomach ache. It not only discourages mindful eating, but puts you on a fast track of going from still hungry to too full to move.

Commercials sell a whole bunch of food products, and appetites to eat them to go with it 

If you’re innocently watching re-runs of friends and you see an ad for pizza, you’re sending those messages of temptation to get some. Most of the time you won’t register them, but these cues will push you to your snack bar and have you drain it for no good reason. If you can habitually channel surf every time you see the media devil trying to up sale frozen pizza to you, there’s a smaller chance of you caving.

You’re beverage.. even if it says diet 

If you have a sweet accompaniment, especially when it comes from aspartame, your brain is signaling off happy feelings that correspond with eating more and feeling like that for longer. So your artificial sweetener may lead you to consuming more calories, your best alternative is honey- so your kick is real and healthy.

Overestimating post-workout meal 

There’s nothing more rewarding than a good meal after putting in work, but the issue with putting that much stress on your meal is you may serve yourself up a big helping, and think you need to fulfill a lot more calories and macros than you do.

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