6 Health Trends to Look for and Thrive Off

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6 Health Trends to Look for and Thrive Off
Home Workouts

Our lives seem to only get busier, and going to a gym or class adds another hour to the process or takes an hour of our sleep. So, as lauded by many meganames in the industry as well- your home is a legitimate gym or space for you to exercise. If you have an hour before you have to go out, take 20 minutes of that to do a quick HIIT, and you will go out wit a bigger smile on your face.

6 Health Trends to Look for and Thrive Off

It's essentially learning the principles upon which our body feels great, and learn ways to hack them. Sounds futuristic right? Well, you may aready be practicing it. The Keto diet is biohacking, by changing our energy systems from carb to fat- we hacked our system with food. Another many women may do is tricking menstrual systems. Soon, diets to hack cycles with good nutrition will be popular, especially when trips to beaches are planned! We can also expect something that helps us do better with fitness performance, perhaps help us hack our neuromuscular connections.

6 Health Trends to Look for and Thrive Off

Time spent on a chair with bad posture, is time spent lost. There is an increasing stress on bettering the way we work- to work better, think better, be pain free. A lot of people find themselves with injuries not because they did something wrong while working out, but because their posture from sitting long hours set them up for a mistake. Standing more, moving more; especially in the work place will be a trend and hopefully it will be one that's here to stay.

6 Health Trends to Look for and Thrive Off
Tracking Apps

There have been a lot of apps to carry out almost every function disregarding breathing that have come and gone. The emphasis on tracking has been placed is because it brings awareness to what a lot of starters are putting on their plates, and puts context into nutrition and exercise. Many people who were starting or re-starting were successful only because they knew how much to put in to function optimally and how much exercise is needed to maintain good health.

6 Health Trends to Look for and Thrive Off

They are used like grains, they look like grains, but do not act like them once consumed. Amaranth buckwheat and quinoa were the first few of the family to make it to many restaurants and that's when gluten free communities rejoiced. With Indian meals they can be used with a curry or pulse and in a matter of days you will get used to eating it as rice. Post which, you can watch your blood sugar and weight drop.

6 Health Trends to Look for and Thrive Off

Turmeric took menus by a storm, and Moringa (drumstick) in it's concentrated form will do no less. It's often used in Indian meals and curries, but with the new sense of functional foods and awareness, it's seen as a superfood to not miss. With double the amount of protein and iron than spinach, this has to be a vegetarian's best bet. And it's anti inflammatory traits will help heal faster, glow more, sleep better; just do better.

As the new year commences, it’s that time where people refuel their motivation tanks, clean out the junk food and sign up for new fitness plans. The whole concept of resolutions has a very divided opinion. And that may have something to do with the short sightedness of it.
Health is finally moving into being holistic wellness. And the realisation of committing to long term habits over short term goals is now heavily encouraged.
With that, we tried to predict a few trends that would get big in the industry, from kick starters to fanatics, and nutritionists to kitchens.


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