5 Ways to Speed up your Metabolism

The worst thing after global poverty, terrorism and YouTube ads, may be seeing a person who is smaller than you eat junk food and just not grow in size. You may be harmless enough to never hurt a fly but if you see someone with the God given mentality of burning food at rocket speed, you will get violent. Sometimes it’s attributed to genes, the others, good habits.. here are 5 that put your metabolism in the next gear…

Don’t skip meals- Especially not breakfast! Although you may not want to eat after a binge or first thing in the morning, eating at regular intervals and after fasting speeds up your metabolism. Starving your body slows your metabolism and leads to fat gain, your body’s natural survival instinct.

Workout in the morning: Jump start your metabolism by working out in the morning, it may be harder because of course, after a good nights rest no ones metabolism is raging, but working out will definitely give you an edge.

Add coconut oil to your diet: Some studies show that adding coconut oil to one’s diet can increase metabolism, encourage weight loss and squash sugar cravings. Regular consumption of coconut oil also boosts energy levels and helps in the functioning of the thyroid and other hormonal glands.

Eat protein at every meal: Protein not only helps build muscle, but it also helps burn fat. Furthermore, the digestion of protein  boosts metabolism. Also, you do not need to consume large servings of protein at get all the benefits. A little protein can go a long way.

Eat your greens: Since leafy green veggies contain large amounts of fibre, they tend to sweep the body clean, thereby assisting in faster metabolism. They also fill you up and are low in calories. Besides, green veggies contain large amounts of magnesium, which is important for metabolism, and also controls stress in the body. Studies show that magnesium also wards off depression and boost one’s energy levels.


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