5 Animal-Inspired Exercise Movements you can do at Home

If you’re short on time and want to get a little blood circulation going before your workout, or you ate a heavy meal and want to feel a bit lighter but space is restricted; these animal inspired exercises are easy, fun and versatile. If you want to rev your workout up, do 5 rounds without breaks.

The Cobra Pose

Ideally, static stretches are better post workout as they help elongate your muscles. However if you put in serious work the previous day, it’s likely that your back is feeling immobile. This stretch would help open your back up and further, move better. In other circumstances, doing it after a workout may be better.


The Dolphin Push Up 

The friendliest mammal takes on the push up, to make for a challenging upper body and core movement.


The Clam Sit Up

Arguably the most questionable seafood’s version of a sit up. Keeping your feet together is what would make this more challenging than a conventional one.



The Duck Walk

What was once considered a punishment in training and P.E classes, turned out to be a great and super difficult movement to do without making your legs burn.


The Crab Kick

Improve your core, balance ans stability with these kicks. Make sure to not let your hips sag and kick those legs up high.

The rest of the animal kingdom awaits you…



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