4 Easy Ways to Give Your Indian Meals a Makeover

There are too many dishes in the Indian cuisine that are a bane of our existence. We love them for obvious reasons, but it doesn’t always leave us feeling light and energetic. Here’s a few major problem areas to see if you are victim to the culprit:

-Excessive amount of grains, some of which are refined grains. White rice and refined flour causes spikes in your blood sugar, which is the reason you think the only better thing than raita with Biryani is a nap. 

-Even Tandoori is cooked with a lot of fats. As much as we are an advocate of good quality ghee or olive oil, greasy food with refined grains can add up.

-Dessert. Enough said. Bitter chocolate or dry fruit would be a lot better.

-If you are a vegetarian, your diet would consist of a lot of carbs, and if your lifestyle in sedentary, you can attribute your problem areas to this.

The solution is simple…

To begin with, and this applies to all; control your portions. Pick either a bread (chapati) OR rice. One of each will make you overeat.

1. Go against the bad grain and change it, a whole grain will keep you full longer and will be better for diabetes prone families and has a lot more fibre. The biggest problem of people not making the switch from bad grains to good ones is that they don’t think it will taste good. The absolute truth of it, is that if your palates really don’t like it, they will get used to it- so stick to it under every circumstance. Here’s a few ideas for better grains…

  • Bajra
  • Jowar
  • Barley
  • Almond Flour
  • Gram Flour
  • Quinoa


You can also get a whole bunch of different ones and concoct your own, the only thing you have to remember is the different preparation techniques that come with it.

It’s worth it, for you and your family- daily or weekly consumption of refined grains is satan himself.

2. Change your rice to red rice, brown rice or black rice. Brown rice goes extremely well with our food.

3. Organic cow’s ghee in moderation as opposed to lathering your whole portion to grease can serve as a great source of energy and antioxidants.

4. Balance your meal out with enough veggie or meat protein to ensure you’re getting all your macros. Vegetarians often find it hard to cut carb, but a number of incomplete proteins in the form of dal, legumes and proteinaceous flour can do just as much justice.


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