5 CrossFit Inspired Principles You Can Add To Any Workout

The fitness world works similarly to the animal kingdom; every tribe protects their own, as they would sing praises about their own discipline- and of course, only fittest survive.

Disclaimer: Every discipline can thrive in their own right. Take it with a pinch of salt.

You can apply the way Crossfit times their workouts for higher intensity at the gym or home, and of course more gains.

1. AMRAP- As Many Rounds As Possible

Say it’s leg day, group 3 of your exercises, set the amount of reps, and do them as many times in a fixed number of minutes. You would have to take around 65-75% of your max for more rounds.

15 min. AMRAP- 10 pull ups, 15, push ups, 20, jump squats

Aim at 7 rounds, and if and when you survive, thank me then.

2. EMOM- Every Minute On The Minute 

So, you set a routine with number of reps. Let’s say 15 reps of burpees, mountain climbers and lunges. Take one minute to complete them, chances are you will have around 10 or more seconds before the minute is over. Here is when you will teach your body to recover so you can beast out the next minute. The intensity rockets after 4-5 minutes but the feeling upon completion is great.

3. Variety 

This is why Crossfit helps people who want to shred because a lot of workouts become cardiovascular. Which cannot be too hard to imagine if you have read this far. Mix up core, a large body part; weights and bodyweight. Functionally, this happens to trump a lot of routines thereby making everyday tasks a whole lot easier.

“We fail at the margins of our experiences.”

-Greg Glassman

If you only lift, running will be hard. If you only do MMA, you wont be able to lift heavy weight. Using various disciplines in one routine makes you a better all rounded athlete and performer. (read:bragging rights)


4. No chit-chat time 

When you set a time just for you workout even the casual talk about bulging veins, peeking abs and protein (all gym accepted) cannot be accommodated. You can focus only on your workout and drastically increase your intensity. Even for long routines, set 30 minutes and whatever you have on the menu has to be completed.

In CrossFit, the loudest cheers are always for the last person to finish


5. Community

Some of the best things come out of a CrossFit box. Apart from the fact that there is never a question of competition that is even in the slightest bit unhealthy- the feeling of optionally going through a workout Satan may have designed garners a feeling of community.

And a lot of gyms, clubs, and home workouts may already have that already, but one thing for sure is that only in CrossFit do people scream and cheer the loudest for the last person to finish.




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