It’s Not About Weight Loss as Much as Diabetes Treatment

ACE and ACSM wholeheartedly put exercise at the forefront of disease prevention. And with the rate of diabetes sky rocketing, this matter is given it’s due diligence. This particularly hit home harder because of a close family member found out he had to make serious lifestyle changes to keep type 2 diabetes at bay. And the more I speak to about it, I find myself engaging in more stares of empathy and please for help.

Type 2 diabetes is acquired because of bad lifestyle choices, it’s when your fasting blood sugar is more than 126mg/dl. This essentially means that this person in examination cannot pump the required amount of insulin to break down sugar, so it remains and gets stored as fat. It would be reductive to say this person put him/herself in this position, a lot of times it’s lack of education, monitoring, genetic and so on. Point is, the cookie is crumbling, and lifestyle changes in the most drastic way are of the essence.

As far as diet, a lot GI diet is not just preferable, but necessary. Alcohol and smoking is more so discouraged and refined carbs are a no-no.

Here’s the silver lining in the grey cloud of injections and ID bands, exercise is one of the most effective and celebrated methods of treating at-risk population, managing diabetes and preventing the population that is headed there. Exercising over a period of time helps your cell respond to insulin more effectively to transport glucose from your blood to cell. By increasing insulin sensitivity, your at risk population will see a drop in their glucose levels and when supplemented with better eating habits can stay diabetes free.

For those who feel like all is lost, just having diabetes is no where near rock bottom. Rock bottom is when you allowed yourself to be discouraged and now need insulin injected in you before you sit down for a meal.

When I talk about being discouraged, I mean it is never too late. You always have the power to make changes in your body. Globally, the diabetes climate is becoming more dire and if you don’t want it to affect quality of life- start now.

If you have never worked out and are overweight- Go for a brisk walk or jog for 20-60 minutes, three-seven times a week. Go with your partner, a friend, your child, your dog- just go. Know that this is in every sense medicine, look at it the same way a doctor hands over a couple of capsules to you.

Say, you’re at risk, you workout but your lifestyle demands took it’s toll on your blood sugar. Definitely take your workouts to the next level and incorporate weights into your regimen. Building muscle makes for a safe haven for stored glucose, and muscle’s day job of burning fat will only help towards your cause.

Do this for you, do it for your loved ones, do it before time escapes and you wish you started today.

Feeling motivated, but don’t know where to start? Download the app for a trusted team of health professionals to help you find your way. 

As always, consult your physician before you change your routine, and do let your trainer know about medication and family history.



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