3 moves to get rid of that muffin top

No we’re not referring to your favourite confectionery, but the excess roll of fat  that sits above your waistband. So, if you are guilty of harbouring that spare tire, it is time to bump up your fitness routine and get the body of your dreams. Just follow these  three simple muffin top melter moves and you will become the talk of the town.

Side bends:  Stand with your at feet hip-distance apart and make sure that your arms are by your sides. Now, bend down and touch your toes with one arm, while lifting the other arm up towards your waist and place your hand on your hip. Alternate sides with one arm up, one arm down. Begin with 50 reps and as you get fitter increase this to 100 reps.

Standing twists: For this exercise, you need to place your hands behind your head, making sure that your elbows are out wide and your knees slightly bent. Make sure that your hips do not move as this will get the core muscles to work. First twist to one side and then the other alternating sides. Again begin with 50 reps and gradually increase this to 100 reps.

Jack knives: Lie down on the floor or a flat service with your legs straight out in front of you and your arms stretched above your head and toes pointed towards the ceiling. Once you’re in this position, raise your arms towards your toes and as you do this, lift your legs to a 45 to 90 degree angle, making sure that your shoulders are off the floor. Make sure that your are over your belly button so your body looks like a jack knife. Return to the original position. Begin with 20 reps and gradually increase the number to 40.

REVOFIT TAKE: Muffin tops are caused by overeating. So the first thing you need to do it clean up your diet. Maybe you could consult your local physician or a dietitian, who will create a customised diet plan for you. Once you’ve got your diet on track, get in some cardio and try these waist-whittling exercises and you will succeed in getting rid of those ugly love handles.

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