Sitting is the new Smoking

From the time we eat breakfast, sit on our thrones, drive to work, get to our desks- adds the average time that we sit in a day is 8.1 hours. 7 days a week, 56 weeks a year. Can you imagine the strain on our spines that come from sitting on our butts for that long.

-The shortening of your spine while sitting can cause disc herniation

-The muscles in your hips and butt can weaken to a great extent

-Weight gain

-Contraction of your lungs can lead to difficulty breathing

It’s hard to fathom how something so rudimentary to our lives can be as destructive. But the frequent neck aches, lower back pain and unexpected weight gain are all signs of sitting too much. Those who have caught on early to the perils have encouraged working while standing and if it seems like an impossible feat, the least we can do for ourselves is sit correctly.

If you’re a business owner or can make this incremental change for your employees- do it in the sake of posterity.

Incorrect posture cues:-
-curvature of spine and hollow back

-neck pushed forward towards screen

-inactive hips/hips sinking into seat



Neck propelled + spine in ‘C’ shape = Incorrect
Spine and neck neutral = Correct posture








Sitting correctly may seem like it would require more work, but it would maintain the natural curve of our spine, and would cause the least amount of stress to it. It would also promote you to use your core more, and look confident, perky and alive while doing so.

Because sitting correctly would be a very conscientious effort, here are a few things you can do:

-Move around every 30 minutes, shake off the tension and take a quick scroll around your office

-Set a reminder on your phone/post-its on your desk to check your posture and align align your hips, back and necks.

-Don’t sit when you don’t have to, for example; if you’re talking to a colleague, or waiting for your ride, don’t sit on the nearest bench you find. Try to stand and move around as much as possible.




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